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Accademia Baristi la Tosteria was established in Florence in 2010 with the objective of disseminating a refined culture and a profound enthusiasm for premium coffee. We offer a comprehensive range of coffee courses in Florence, delivered through our training programme for enthusiasts and baristas. The primary objective is to provide an educational experience that goes beyond mere knowledge transmission, embracing the art of teaching and the subtle tasting of coffee.

The Barista Academy’s courses are based on four key elements: culture, technical mastery, professionalism and constant research. Our objective is to gain their hearts and minds, and to transmit some of the passion that sets us apart. Our objective is to gain their hearts and minds, and to transmit some of the passion that sets us apart. We offer café courses in Florence, taught by highly qualified teachers at different levels. We also run daily SCA courses for our customers. More specifically for the Specialty Coffee Association, we deal with modules such as Barista Skill, i.e. all the skills of the barista, divided into 3 levels ( foundation / intermediate / professional ), Roasting (all the skills and competences regarding the vast world of roasting) , Sensory Sensory related to the world of sensory analysis, also subdivided into 3

levels), Brewing associated with the world of filter coffee with all the methods of extraction, and lastly Green, with the process of analysing the green from the plantation to the study of the raw material leading to an excellent result in the final cup

The modules are designed to provide a balanced blend of theory and practice, allowing students to gain hands-on experience with professional equipment in a classroom setting. Classes with a low number of participants ensure that each student receives a customised learning experience.

The Accademia Baristi la Tosteria offers customised coffee courses in Florence, tailoring the content to the specific needs of each participant. These include courses held at the workplace. This option allows an entire staff to perfect advanced modern cafeteria techniques on their own ground through the cafeteria courses in Florence offered by the Accademia.

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Professional excellence, in-depth communication and advanced expertise

The world of coffee is revealed in every cup, offering an enveloping pleasure and a daily narrative woven through gestures, expressions and attentions that intertwine in the relationship between barista and customer. For this reason, we do not just supply coffee of extraordinary quality, both in blends and from individual plantations. We also offer training courses, which focus on high professionalism, advanced communication and extraordinary expertise.

The passion and dedication that inspired the creation of the Accademia Baristi la Tosteria are reflected in a unique training school, comprising targeted courses for those who share our same ideals of quality and professionalism. This initiative is designed for those seeking to establish a strong foundation for their careers. The Academy’s teachings go beyond the preparation of excellent coffee. They also address the crucial aspects of professionalism, communication and advanced coffee expertise.



Andrea commenced his vocational training in the mid-1990s, initially in Italy and subsequently abroad. He began as a barman and coffee maker, subsequently becoming a teacher in hotel institutes, training institutes and bartending schools. From 2001 to 2005, he completed his training by becoming a coffee taster and teacher. From 2006 to 2008, he gained work experience in the United States.
Mr. Andrea is an expert in management and personnel management techniques. In 2009, he established the Accademia Baristi la Tosteria, offering training courses on-site and at the customer’s home in Italy and abroad. He is currently responsible for quality control and training within the company. Andrea is a great enthusiast and scholar of communication and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He has refined his teaching techniques and relationship management within the work group. Andrea is a highly skilled all-round consultant, and is the Academy’s reference figure.


From 2002 to 2012, Alessandro gained valuable experience as a bartender, barman and bar manager in the city of Livorno, which he then extended to venues in London and the Canary Islands. From 2013 to 2015, he completed an intensive training course at the Barista Academy, becoming a café trainer. He also managed the opening of a specialised café in China, taking care of management and staff training. A highly motivated individual with a keen interest in new coffee extraction methods, Alessandro has been a trainer at the Barista Coffee Academy La Tosteria since 2016, teaching the Barista Skills, Sensory and Brewing modules. Alessandro’s character and skills allow him to demonstrate his professionalism fully, with excellent technical support skills for new openings, coaching and staff management.

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