A social sustainability project to support women in the coffee growing industry

Women in coffee Almost 70% of the workforce employed in the coffee growing industry is female but only 22-23% of plantations are managed by women. This significant gender disparity is due to the challenges faced by women

in accessing trade, education and credit.

Women in Coffee is the project undertaken by la Tosteria in support of women working in the coffee growing industry. The purposes, centered around inclusion, respect and achievement of female awareness can be summarized into 8 key points:

Supporting projects that condemn discriminatory and violent attitudes to achieve a society that breaks down gender differences in coffee growing industry

Encouraging the process of building self-esteem and self-determination to enable women to maximize their potential

Facilitating access to education and healthcare services for women in the coffee growing industry

Organizing professional internships to improve technical skills and financial literacy among women

Promoting projects aimed at new generations of women facing the world of coffee

Supporting initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for women in the coffee growing industry and their families

Facilitating initiatives to develop sustainable, economically and environmentally sound female-led agriculture

Partnering with Non-profit Organizations and Associations such as I.W.C.A. (International Women’s Coffee Alliance), to join forces and make projects concrete


La Tosteria has a long-standing commitment to promoting coffee excellence. Its ethical and social commitment extends beyond the production of coffee beans. In pursuit of this ambition, we do not limit ourselves to selecting the best plantations. Instead, we go directly to the field, to the lands where coffee comes to life, and engage with local producers in an educational journey.


We are aware of our role and go directly to coffee plantations, interacting with local producers in a socially responsible manner. This is not just a formal commitment; it is a tangible mission that is developed through regular visits to farming communities. We share in-depth knowledge about quality coffee culture with the aim of creating a meaningful connection with those who work tirelessly to produce our beloved bean.


Our motivation is driven by passion. In addition to providing resources and direct support, our objective is to transmit a quality coffee culture. Local producers are not just suppliers; they are partners in our journey towards excellence. We provide detailed training sessions which cover not only the cultivation and harvesting techniques, but also the deep respect for the artisanal process that transforms the fruit into a fine coffee.


At La Tosteria, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of active involvement among those who work on the front line. Our goal is to transform them from mere workers into conscious participants in a major project. Their experience in the field is invaluable in improving production processes. In addition to offering a high-quality product, we also contribute to the improvement of working conditions and the sustainability of farming communities.

In this way, we act as promoters of social and cultural change, creating a network of meaningful connections that goes beyond the mere commercial transaction. Ethical commitment is therefore a fundamental pillar of the company philosophy, driven by a genuine passion to engage and improve, in every detail, the world of coffee.

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