The Method

We are passionate about the journey of taste in the world of coffee. Our ongoing commitment is based on the relentless pursuit of excellence and superior quality.

Our business philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars: quality, honesty and transparency.


Our commitment is to offer only superior quality coffee, carefully selecting batches that meet the high standards of speciality coffee. This entails selecting only hand-ripened cherries and ensuring full traceability of each batch. Our staff, with a meticulous and technical approach to cupping, are responsible for guiding our selection process. They ensure that we only offer the best based on taste and quality score. The roasting profile we select is designed to accentuate the unique aromas of each coffee.


We are committed to transparency in our processes and pricing. The quality score assigned directly influences the price of the coffee, demonstrating our commitment to transparency and honesty in setting costs based on the true value of the product. Furthermore, the rarity score reflects the limited availability of certain batches, which is reflected in the price. We are committed to total transparency throughout the production chain, with detailed information on each lot, from producer to farm to cooperative. Furthermore, we provide information on the harvest period, ensuring that our customers can be confident that they are purchasing coffee from the freshest, in-season crop. Total transparency not only provides customers with more information about the product, but also demonstrates the dedication and effort that goes into each cup. Our primary objective is to convey the inherent characteristics of the bean, which are enhanced by the care and attention of those who cultivate it.


Each batch of coffee is cupped according to a meticulous protocol that guides our approach to roasting. This process allows us to identify and highlight the specific flavours of each terroir. Our bespoke roasting machine enables us to meticulously control heat transfer and airflow, ensuring consistent and clear quality.


Each coffee we produce undergoes a carefully roasting process. This expertise is our strong guarantee of quality, highlighting the distinctive terroir flavours of each coffee batch.

We believe that each batch of coffee has its own unique history and growing conditions, and therefore reacts uniquely to each roasting profile applied. The lack of fixed rules in this process prompts us to conduct in-depth cupping sessions before determining the optimal roasting solution. Our firm belief is that there is only one ideal toasting profile for each batch, aimed at fully expressing its terroir. Consequently, our roasting style is driven solely by the intrinsic characteristics of the coffee, rather than the final method of preparation.


It is recommended that filter coffee be rested for a minimum of four days and espresso for a minimum of eight to ten days after roasting to achieve the optimal flavour. We ensure the freshness of our beans by shipping them in their whole form and recommend grinding them only before use. Our focus on preservation is designed to ensure the unique aromas and flavours of coffee are retained.

Furthermore, we disseminate our commitment to quality through direct and integrated communication on each package, highlighting details on production, harvest, processing and organoleptic characteristics. We are certified organic, member of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and recognised as Italian excellence, confirming our global commitment to superior quality coffee.

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SCA Member

La Tosteria is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the most important global non-profit association in the coffee sector. This affiliation represents our commitment to contributing to a global community of coffee professionals and enthusiasts, working together towards a sustainable future.

Italian excellences

La Tosteria has been recognized as a company that guarantees the quality standard of Made in Italy in the world by the website, confirming our dedication to coffee roasting in Florence.


International bodies certify our organic philosophy, following the entire production cycle of our coffees. This commitment supports the development and defense of natural resources, highlighting our dedication to coffee roasting in Florence.

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