La Tosteria in the World

Artisan Coffee Distribution in Florence

La Tosteria is dedicated to promote the expansion of its brand internationally, focusing on the distribution of artisan coffee in Florence through a network of carefully selected distributors. This strategy aims to provide a tailored service and ongoing support to partners operating in new markets, ensuring high quality standards in each café.


Comfort Gastro

Based in Bratislava, Comfort Gastro is one of the distributors promoting the exceptional quality of La Tosteria products in Slovakia. The primary objective is to provide a consistently high standard of quality in the cup, offering expertise, synergies and training to meet the needs of Slovak customers.


Multigrain Baker Café Ltd

Multigrain Baker Café Ltd. is headquartered in Nicosia and operates throughout the island of Cyprus. The company’s large café, which doubles as a showroom, is designed to ensure a high standard of quality in the cup. The company provides expertise, synergies and training to satisfy Cypriot customers.


La Tosteria Italia

La Tosteria Italia, based in Barcelona and active in the region of Catalonia, offers the opportunity to enjoy La Tosteria coffees in Spain’s best cafés, hotels and restaurants. The excellence in the cup is guaranteed by a capillary service, a highly qualified staff and training courses for the most attentive baristas, satisfying the Spanish customers.


The Coffee Address

The Coffee Address, based in Geneva, is committed to distributing la Tosteria products throughout Switzerland. The aim is to offer the opportunity to achieve espresso perfection without compromise through a distribution network throughout Switzerland. Synergies with experts in the field and targeted customer training consolidate The Coffee Address’s position in supporting Swiss customers.



InCoffee is headquartered in Athens and operates throughout Greece through a network of highly-skilled collaborators. InCoffee’s extensive experience in the high-quality coffee sector enables it to meet the demands of the most discerning Greek baristas. Coffee is served in the cafés by professional baristas, supported by an in-house training school and an extensive sales network, guaranteeing constant support for Greek customers.



Mekogel, based in Szombathely, is a distributor that has always been attentive to the quality of its products and services. Its corporate goal is to reach an ever-growing number of Tosteria’s customers in order to spread the culture of Italian espresso throughout the territory and satisfy every Hungarian market demand.

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