Heritage of excellence

Fabio and Fabrizio are the heart of this company, driven by a strong passion and curiosity to create a reality focused on excellence. The two brothers grew up in a roasting store, where they gradually developed an interest in and knowledge of exclusive coffee blends from remote plantations. The tradition continued to be rooted in the Neri family until it was the two brothers, Fabio and Fabrizio, who took over what is now known as La Tosteria.

By refining coffee roasting techniques and introducing technological innovation at various stages of production, the company has retained its artisan roots while embracing technological advancement. Fabio and Fabrizio are meticulous in their investigation of coffee quality. Consequently, they are also highly exacting in their work, which they do not consider a mere job but a source of enjoyment and passion.


The quality of the imported coffees was highly appreciated by the local population, who were particularly fond of the Santos from Brazil, the Kenyan and Ethiopian Sidamo from Africa, the Colombian Supremo, the Indian Plantation, and the Jamaican Blue Mountain and Puerto Rican Yauco Selecto. A meticulous selection process also included the finest coffees from Cuba, Mexico, Santo Domingo, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua.


From the outset, the company’s approach to roasting coffee was based on a quality-first philosophy, taking into account factors such as moisture content and crop freshness. The Toastery gained a reputation for its exceptional blends, meticulously crafted to harmonize the distinctive qualities of coffee beans. Each blend contributed unique characteristics, enhancing the palate, bringing aroma and body, fragrance and fine acidity. The ability of the master roaster to blend different coffee origins into a single sensory experience was crucial.

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